The theme for the first ever private wealth forum was based around ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and how decisions can lead to a knock on effect in the other parts of the world such as Brexit, the election of Trump and North Korea’s missile tests. I created a series of butterflies, painted in the colours of the effecting countries, creating hurricanes inside bell jars, which was representative of Guernsey shielding the world from the devastating consequences.

Following the success of 2018 The Private Wealth Forum returned to a new venue at the Old Bank in London. The 2019 brief was to emulate the feel of a chat show which meant I created a huge illustration of the Guernsey seafront for the set and artworks. I also commissioned a neon sign for the stage to add some late night TV depth.

2020 was forced to go online in the form of a webinar based on the world’s current events, but it was back again in 2021 with the theme of philanthropy and how private wealth can help to change the world.


The Guernsey Funds Forum is hosted in London with over 500 attendees, including notable industry experts and hosted by household names such as Daisy McAndrew. In 2018 the concept revolved around the theme ‘If the world turned upside-down’, which simply put correlated to the changes in the funds and stock markets.  The main artwork could be broken down to represent each part of the forum whilst revolving around the main theme.

2019 marked the 10 year anniversary of the Guernsey Funds Forum and 30 years of the Guernsey Investment and Funds Association. As such the event was bigger than ever with the agency’s first London Underground campaign plus I commissioned a new bespoke light-box and green sculptures to match the event designs. The theme was based around green finance and new ideas, looking back and to the future.

2020 saw us flip to an online stage which we flipped the artwork to a more digital version of our sanctuary theme with the event returning live in 2021 with the theme ‘Building Tomorrow’ inspired by retrofuturism to represent the the utopia of what the future could hold.




Possibly one of my favourite projects, this events theme was ‘How insurers helped save the world’. With the popularity of recent comic book movies I decided to take a retro comic book approach focusing on ILS man as a hero next to the rescue services as the topics of the forum were discussing how ILS helped during the natural disasters of the previous year. We even made the programme look like a comic book and I commissioned 360 degree photography for the unique venue screens. Due to popular demand, ILS Man was brought back for episode two of his adventures, this time with new sidekick ‘The Incredible Rollover’. I commissioned new 360 degree images from local photographer Nick Despres to set the scene in the breaks and make good use of the dramatic 360 degree screens around the venue. We continued the ILS Man adventures through the pandemic with new villains every year relating to the challenges in the insurance space.


The committee for this event wanted to capture the theme of creative destruction, which we did with the representation of the Guernsey Insurance sector as a scientific laboratory. Even the typography in the programmes were made up from the elemental table to add to the theme.