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Dominique Ogier-Keltie has worked with brands and individuals across the globe remotely and in-house for over 15+ years’. She has an extensive background in large scale event design, many of which have played host to household names like Daisy McAndrew and Cherie Blair.

Following a four year career with award winning agency Two Degrees North, she served as the Head of Creative at Guernsey Finance for seven years before realizing her life long dream of setting up her own business.  

This year her wedding designs were featured the UK's leading guide for alternative weddings Rock N Roll Bride Magazine and in 2019 was awarded the Citywealth Brand of the Year bronze award for her ‘WE ARE GUERNSEY’ brand.

Dominique has worked on branding and designs for clients from international brands such as Black Horse Finance, Handpicked Villas and New Street Management to local brands such as Bean14 coffee, The Wedding Fairy and Eistedfodd Guernsey.  Her advertising has been seen on all over the world in locations such as The London Underground, The Financial Times, HFM Magazine, IFC Review, World Financial Review and many more. If you would like to talk about one of your upcoming projects, do get in touch.


Design by Dom.O was born in earnest in 2022. Following years crafting designs for elite international events and brands, Dom.O realized a need for a specialist in event branding to break through into the market beyond the corporate world. Having also been approached by many couples over the years, looking for wedding and private event designs that were affordable but also unique, Domo created a plan to make great design accessible through a templated design suite.

The business introduces extended services beyond traditional agencies by offering product designs and signage, to bring branding through every element of her clients events. The business specializes in creating immersive worlds for any project. I believe it is the detail that can make or break an event from looking like an out of the box creation to being something truly spectacular and unique. Good design is like good grooming, it can help you succeed and be remembered!


Design by Domo is committed to making sure eco-friendly materials and processes are front and centre of the business. We encourange all our clients to choose paper stocks created from recycled sources or from sustainable forestry with FSC approved printing methods.

Our signage is also all made using recycled and reclaimed wood and treated with water based woodstain and vanishes to align with our values.


Dominic Wheatley

Dominic Wheatley

Past Chief Executive
(Guernsey Finance)

I worked with Dominique at Guernsey Finance for 5 years during which time she developed our new brand and rolled it out across multiple platforms, transforming our impact in every aspect of our marketing and communications.

She is a creative designer able to respond to briefs across sectors as diverse as financial services and rock music - her portfolio speaks for itself.

Guernsey Entertainment

Kiya AsHton

Guernsey Entertainment

DESIGN BY DOM.O did an excellent job creating our branding, her work was professional and clean whilst still incorporating the creativity that Guernsey Entertainment has to offer.

We’ve been very impressed by Dom’s ability to produce such quality so quickly and highly recommend her work to any business wanting to stand out.



Raptor Financial Services have engaged the services of Design by Domo since 2017 and to this date we always engage this wonderful, colourful, highly talented designer for not only our business requirements but for our clients.

If you are looking for an elite, prompt and professional designer with the ‘A’ approach and sheer vision.. You will receive an excellent service.

Ordering for design projects can be confusing. Check out our best practice guide which will help you with the flow of the project, what to expect and what needs to be supplied.

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