The Design Checklist

There are so many things to consider when you are planning an event or wedding. Ihave put together a little guidence on things to consider to help everything run as smoothly as possible.


    Make sure you have your dates in your diary, you can see our guide here so make sure you start the process ahead of when you need everything. Work backwards from your ideal delivery date (minus 4 weeks for design and printing and then allow yourself time to write content and for discussions before we start the job and during the proofing stages).

  • Your key CONTENT

    Key things you will need to supply are: 

    Names (as you want them on your invites)
    Accommodation and discounts
    Gift registry or honeymoon fund
    R.S.V.P. dates and return address
    Contact details (email/phone)
    Directions or map?
    Website (if applicable)

    Other information to consider:

    Is your wedding child and/pet friendly?
    Do you want an unplugged ceremony?
    Do you want to post the first picture of yourselves?
    Do you have a hashtag or want guests to tag you in pics?
    Do you have a rehearsal dinner?
    Do you have a dress code?
    Are you inviting people to breakfast the morning after?

  • order of service

    Your order of service could be content heavy depending on what you want in there. Most people go by the running order from their celebrant, however you can have bios and photos of your wedding party or a dedication to those who may have gone over the rainbow bridge whom you wish were there.

    It may seem like there are rules but my recommendation is to make sure you outline whats happening for your guests to follow first (especially if participation is required) and then make it personal to you.

  • Four eyes check

    When you are supplying content, make sure you get another set of eyes on the content to proof check as thoroughly as you can before you send it to me. This will ensure minimal design changes will be needed down the line and could save you from extra fees. Get another set of eyes on the design when you receive it too - a third party can often spot errors with more ease than the people closest to the conent.

  • MAKE IT 'YOU'nique

    Don't worry about what you think you should do, or what everyone else does. The best designs are unique to you or your event. Does your theme represent your relationship or your journey, or the theme of the day? You don't want your event to look like everyone elses and I can help you realise what makes you 'you'nique. You want your guests to know who's wedding or event they are at.


Still have questions? Don't worry, we probably have the answer. Either visit and read our frequently asked questions, or contact us to discuss and explore your design needs. We're here to help!

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