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Amulet Support

Crafting a Last-Minute Branding Miracle: The Story of Amulet Support

In the fast-paced world of business, sometimes urgent needs arise, demanding quick and effective solutions. This was precisely the case when Amulet Support, a Cyprus-based business, found themselves in a bind after being let down by another designer for a last-minute branding project. With just a week before their scheduled brand launch, they were in desperate need of a creative savior.

Enter yours truly. Recommended by a satisfied past client, I was approached by Amulet Support to work my magic and create a brand identity that would align perfectly with their vision. Their specific request? A brand inspired by ancient amulets, imbued with symbolism and history.

With the clock ticking, I immediately delved into the project, taking careful note of the image references provided by Amulet Support. These references served as the foundation for my creative process, guiding me as I conceptualized a design that would capture the essence of their desired aesthetic.

Inspired by the patterns of traditional amulets, I meticulously crafted a unique letterform from the 'a' in Amulet, that would evoke the intricate beauty of ancient amulets when repeated, exuding the mystique and allure of antiquity.

The result? Amulet Support was thrilled with the concepts presented and impressed by the speedy turnaround time. With a logo and stationery design in hand, they were able to hit their launch deadline with confidence and style.

This project was not just about meeting a deadline; it was about exceeding expectations and delivering a branding solution that resonated deeply with the client's vision. In the world of design, challenges often arise unexpectedly, but with creativity, expertise, and a touch of magic, anything is possible.

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