Eisteddfod Guernsey
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Eisteddfod Guernsey

The fresh new look we crafted for Eisteddfod Guernsey, captures the spirit of community and celebration while honoring its rich tradition. Commissioned after the success of my work on the Guernsey Street Festival rebrand, the goal was to infuse the same lively energy into Eisteddfod Guernsey's identity.

Understanding the Brief:

Understanding the Eisteddfod Guernsey's unique essence was paramount. The event, held annually in early Spring, celebrates arts and culture with participants of all ages and interests. However, the challenge lay in representing each of its ten diverse sections while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

Design Concept:

Breaking down the challenge, I began with an unconventional approach to logo design. Given the complexity of representing numerous classes, a traditional logo approach wouldn't suffice. I pondered how best to integrate the various sections without overwhelming the overall identity.

Inspiration struck with the concept of representative illustrations within each letter of "Eisteddfod." This approach allowed for subtle yet effective showcasing of the diversity of classes in a cohesive manner. But with each section needing its moment, ensuring balance and harmony was key.

Addressing the Challenge:

The rainbow color scheme not only evoked festivity but also aided in easy identification of different sections for participants. But the real challenge lay in transforming the "E" into a striking letter form housing the illustrations, ensuring memorability and adaptability across various platforms.

Adaptability and Accessibility:

In the process of crafting the new brand for Eisteddfod Guernsey, two critical factors remained at the forefront: inclusivity and legibility. Recognizing the diverse community that Eisteddfod Guernsey serves, it was imperative that the brand reflected this inclusivity while ensuring accessibility for all. Careful consideration was given to typefaces, opting for fonts that struck the perfect balance between style and readability. This ensured that the brand message remained clear and accessible to all, regardless of age or background.

The resulting design wasn't just visually appealing; it was also highly adaptable. The "E" form allowed for seamless integration across digital and print platforms, ensuring consistency and recognition. But it wasn't just about aesthetics; it was about practicality too. This adaptability empowers Eisteddfod Guernsey to extend the brand's reach and meet evolving needs while maintaining visibility.

Community Response:

The new brand has garnered enthusiastic feedback from the community, resonating with its vibrant and inclusive spirit. But the journey wasn't without its challenges. It exemplifies the power of embracing the unconventional to create a distinct and impactful brand that resonates with both participants and spectators.


The unveiling of the new brand for Eisteddfod Guernsey marks an exciting milestone, encapsulating the essence of community and celebration that defines the event. As a graphic designer and a regular performer in Eisteddfod Guernsey, I'm honored to have played a role in shaping this new identity and look forward to seeing it flourish as it continues to inspire and unite the community through the arts.

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