Guernsey Camping Club
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Guernsey Camping Club

Established in 1977, the Guernsey Camping Club has been a cornerstone of the island's camping community, bringing together enthusiasts of all ages and camping preferences. Committed to promoting camping in all its forms and fostering a sense of camaraderie among members, the club offers a diverse array of on-island social events and rallies throughout the year.

In a bid to attract new members and appeal to younger families, the club embarked on a journey to refresh its brand identity. The goal was to communicate inclusivity and openness, emphasizing that the club welcomes campers of all kinds, whether they prefer tents, caravans, motorhomes, or tailored vehicles.

Drawing upon this vision, I embarked on the task of designing a logo that would encapsulate the spirit of the Guernsey Camping Club while reflecting its diverse membership. Incorporating silhouettes into the typography, I sought to convey a sense of inclusivity and community. Additionally, I was challenged to integrate the Guernsey flag into the design, a task that required creativity and finesse.

The resulting logo features a border subtly hinting at the Guernsey flag, offering a nod to the club's local roots without overwhelming the design. This elegant solution strikes the perfect balance, ensuring that the branding remains clear and impactful.

To further enhance brand visibility, I designed a series of flags and stickers for members to proudly display on their vehicles, showcasing their affinity for camping and membership in the Guernsey Camping Club. This cohesive branding strategy has since been rolled out across merchandise, stalls, banners, advertising, and the club's website, creating a unified and recognizable brand presence.

The response to the new branding has been overwhelmingly positive, with members embracing the refreshed identity and proudly displaying their affiliation with the Guernsey Camping Club. As the club continues to evolve and grow, its brand will serve as a beacon, guiding campers of all backgrounds and preferences to join in the spirit of adventure and community.

Safe to say they were happy campers with the new branding!

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