Guernsey Funds Forum 2021
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Guernsey Funds Forum 2021

Elevating the Event Experience: A Return to Physical Gatherings

The Guernsey Funds Forum, an annual event renowned for its insightful discussions and forward-thinking themes, took center stage this year under the banner of "Building Tomorrow". This theme sought to delve into the pressing question of how to shape a better future, inviting policymakers and experts from diverse financial services backgrounds to share their perspectives.

With an optimistic outlook pervading the event, I embarked on a creative endeavor to design a retro futuristic cityscape, symbolizing both the nostalgia of a bygone era and the potential of a future yet to unfold. In the wake of the pandemic, there was a palpable resurgence of interest in retrofuturism—a movement that offered a comforting space to envision new possibilities. This resonated deeply with our audience, who were eager to explore avenues for positive change.

Incorporating elements of sustainability into the cityscape, as per the event brief, we sought to underscore the importance of environmental stewardship in shaping the future we aspire to build. Collaborating with an animator, we breathed life into the cityscape, creating captivating visuals for promotional activities and as a compelling introduction to sessions at the event.

From full set designs with integrated presentation screens to bespoke artwork adorning entranceways and coffee stations, no detail was overlooked. Rolling media screens featured custom artwork, seamlessly tying together breaks and receptions with the event's overarching theme. Even the smallest elements, such as coffee cups, menus, and delegate badges, were thoughtfully designed to complement the event's aesthetic.

To enhance engagement and showcase the value of sponsorship opportunities, we crafted custom literature and sponsorship sales packs. These materials not only highlighted the benefits of partnership but also served as tangible proof of the event's impact and ROI.

Innovating further, I collaborated with a local animator to create an event sting—a dynamic visual cue that marked the beginning and end of sessions. This signature element not only energized attendees but also served as a powerful promotional tool, amplifying our message across email, social media, and the web.

Moreover, I took a hands-on approach in producing a promotional video for the event, working closely with the videographer and editor to ensure that every aspect—from the shots to the editing process and interviews—aligned seamlessly with our vision. This video not only encapsulated the essence of the event but also served as a teaser for the following year's installment, enticing attendees with a glimpse of what lies ahead.

The Guernsey Funds Forum 2021 was not just a platform for dialogue; it was a catalyst for envisioning and shaping the future of financial services. Through innovative design, collaboration, and forward-thinking discussions, we embarked on a journey to explore tomorrow's possibilities and chart a course towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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What We Did
Branding Set design Invitations Room décor Literature Banners Lightbox Media Wall Event micro-site Coffee cups Posters Menus Lanyards Tent cards Wifi-cards Sponsor packages Social media Email marketing Advertising Presentation Art direction: Promotional video Animation Post information pack Feedback boxes