Guernsey Insurance Forum 2018
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Guernsey Insurance Forum 2018

Exploring Innovation and Resilience: Insights from the 2018 Guernsey Insurance Forum

In 2018, the Guernsey Insurance Forum delved into the intricate challenges facing the insurance industry and celebrated its resilience, driven by innovation. Aptly titled 'Creative Destruction,' the event highlighted the industry's capacity to adapt and thrive amidst disruption.

Featuring a dynamic lineup, the 2018 event included a technical showcase, a panel session moderated by the esteemed Naga Munchetty, and a keynote speech by Karl Hennessy, CEO of Carrier Solutions at Aon. These sessions provided invaluable insights into industry trends and strategies for navigating challenges.

Despite the event not becoming an annual affair, efforts were made to ensure its impact endured. As part of these efforts, I took on the task of designing graphics and directing the videographer and editor to create a captivating video aimed at attracting new attendees should the event return in subsequent years.

Taking place close to Halloween, the 2018 event embraced a thematic approach inspired by a mad scientist's laboratory, which was warmly received by attendees. Additionally, custom wraps around mirrored columns were designed for the drinks reception, celebrating the Guernsey skyline and reinforcing Guernsey's reputation as a jurisdiction of substance.

To maximize the event's impact, a suite of literature was created to reflect the key themes of the event and serve as evergreen materials for future reference. Despite budget constraints, creative solutions were implemented to enhance the event space, including a set background and hanging banners around the seating area.

Furthermore, a custom frosted event logo was designed for the entryway, adding a touch of professionalism and branding to the event space. To aid in communication, a bespoke presentation played on screens above the staging, assisting with key points and session announcements.

In retrospect, the 2018 Guernsey Insurance Forum served as a platform for meaningful discourse and exploration within the insurance industry. While it may not have become an annual tradition, its impact continues to resonate through strategic initiatives aimed at engaging and inspiring audiences in the years to come.

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