Guernsey Private Wealth Forum 2019
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Guernsey Private Wealth Forum 2019

In the bustling heart of London's Banking Hall, an air of exclusivity enveloped the esteemed guests of the 2019 Guernsey Private Wealth Forum. This invitation-only event provided a confidential platform for a poignant discussion on channeling private capital into sustainable investments, with a particular focus on climate finance.

With a lineup boasting luminaries such as prominent economist Sony Kapoor and distinguished television presenter Daisy McAndrew, the stage was set for an evening of insightful discourse and prestigious networking. However, to truly elevate the event and evoke the ambiance of a late-night talk show, the team at Guernsey Finance knew they needed something extraordinary.

Enter the creative collaboration between London based production team and a seasoned designer, tasked with transforming the venue into a scene reminiscent of a sophisticated late-night studio. Drawing inspiration from the iconic seafront of St Peter Port in Guernsey, I meticulously illustrated the charming coastal town, infusing the set and branding with an elegant maritime flair.

Central to the design concept was a striking neon-style event logo, exuding the glamour and allure of a talk show marquee. Through innovative use of projection lighting and carefully crafted printed materials, the logo was brought to life in a faux neon display, casting a captivating glow over the walk-on space.

I commissioned a neon masterpiece from the company logo, designed to be an evergreen feature, served as the cornerstone of the event's aesthetic. I seamlessly integrated the theme into table names, advertising materials, and digital assets. Each table bore the name of an iconic Guernsey landmark, meticulously illustrated to mirror the event's coastal theme.

But the design innovation didn't stop there. Every detail, from integrated screen presentation slides, thoughtfully designed to extend the set design, to promotional videos art directed by myself, contributed to the event's polished sophistication and lasting impact.

The 2019 Guernsey Private Wealth Forum marked a turning point for the agency, showcasing the transformative power of thoughtful set and room design. This immersive experience not only set a new standard for future events but also served as a compelling promotional tool for subsequent gatherings.

As the curtains closed on this memorable evening, the legacy of the 2019 forum endured, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of high-profile events to come.

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