ILS Insight 2018
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ILS Insight 2018

Reflecting on ILS Insight 2018: A Showcase of Guernsey's Technical Solutions

ILS Insight 2018, hosted by Guernsey Finance, marked a pivotal moment in the exploration of technical solutions provided in Guernsey within the insurance-linked securities (ILS) industry. Held at the AURA Event Hall in Zurich on Thursday 5 July 2018, this event brought together leading figures from the ILS sector for an insightful panel session and a captivating technical showcase.

The panel session, a centerpiece of the event, delved into pressing issues such as the impact of Hurricane Irma and other natural catastrophes, the complexities of claims management, recent renewals, and the overarching challenges faced by the industry. These discussions shed light on the resilience and adaptability of the ILS market in the face of adversity.

Central to the event's branding was the concept of insurance managers as the "fourth emergency service," offering vital support to those affected by natural disasters. This theme came to life through the creation of "ILS man," a symbol of strength and assistance that resonated strongly with attendees, capturing their imagination and sparking meaningful conversations. Inspired by the recent Marvel Movie releases and capturing the nostalgia of the delegates harking back to their childhood to create an emotional connection with the theme. This is a brilliant example of how corporate events can be creative and more engaging with a more vibrant design aesthetic. ILS man was so popular with delegates and industry members, he return was called for at sequential events.

As the graphic designer for the event, I was tasked with bringing this concept to fruition through compelling visuals and artwork. Additionally, I served as the art director for the videographer and editor, collaborating closely to produce a promotional video that would pique the interest of potential attendees for the following year's event. We even designed the programme to be in a comic book style with illustrations of the speakers in comic book form.

The success of ILS Insight 2018 was evident not only in the engaging discussions and informative showcases but also in the positive reception of the event branding and promotional materials. By leveraging creative design and strategic storytelling, we were able to amplify the reach and impact of the event, attracting new participants and fostering a sense of excitement and anticipation for future editions.

As we reflect on the achievements of ILS Insight 2018, we look forward to continuing the conversation and exploring innovative solutions within the ILS industry. With each event, we aim to inspire collaboration, spark innovation, and drive positive change within the global insurance landscape.

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What We Did
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