ILS Insight 2019
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ILS Insight 2019

Unveiling ILS Insight 2019: Embracing 'The Incredible Rollover'

ILS Insight 2019, themed 'The Incredible Rollover,' provided a deep dive into Guernsey's pioneering efforts in the realm of Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS). This year's focus revolved around Guernsey's ongoing initiatives, including the establishment of a 30-day 'grace period' for collateral application at rollover, the pursuit of true 'convergence' with joint insurance and investment vehicles, and a commitment to spearheading advancements in green and sustainable finance.

Building upon the success of the ILS man branding introduced in 2018, we unveiled a thrilling new chapter in ILS man's saga, bringing his adventures to a wider audience. In line with the event's key themes, we introduced a new protagonist named 'The Incredible Rollover,' equipping her with a unique set of powers to symbolize the resilience and adaptability of the ILS industry.

The overarching narrative of catastrophic events provided fertile ground for the introduction of a formidable adversary: the disaster demon. Through captivating illustrations, we breathed life into this villain, adding depth and intrigue to the superhero storyline.

In addition to designing the captivating visuals for the 360-degree screen at the Aura Event Hall, we collaborated with a local photographer to showcase scenes from Guernsey during breakout sessions, aligning the imagery with the time of day in the hall for an immersive experience.

To drum up excitement and engagement, we launched an extensive social media marketing campaign, complemented by meticulously crafted invitations, posters, advertising materials, banners, wifi cards, email marketing initiatives, a micro-event site, and bespoke literature.

Moreover, I worked closely with the videographer and editor, overseeing every aspect of the video production process—from directing the shots to managing the editing process and conducting interviews. The resulting promotional video not only encapsulated the essence of the event but also served as a compelling teaser for the following year's installment.

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What We Did
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