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In the realm of financial services, standing out against international competitors is no small feat. However, for WE ARE GUERNSEY, the promotional agency for the Guernsey Finance Industry, this challenge became an opportunity for innovation and collaboration.

In 2016, Guernsey Finance enlisted my expertise to spearhead the development of a brand that would not only represent the island's finance industry but also set it apart on the global stage. The mission was clear: to create a brand that embodied Guernsey's unique strengths while resonating with target markets worldwide.

The journey began with extensive collaboration, as working groups and workshops convened with industry leaders to shape the brand's identity. The goal was to craft an umbrella brand capable of encompassing various sectors within Guernsey's promotional services. Each element of the brand, from its name to its visual identity, was meticulously crafted to reflect the island's key selling points and appeal to diverse audiences.

Central to the brand's identity was the concept of connectivity—the idea that Guernsey's finance industry thrived on collaboration, both locally and internationally. This theme informed the selection of the name "WE ARE GUERNSEY" and the overarching concept of "WE ARE CONNECTED." By emphasizing the industry's close-knit community and global reach, the brand conveyed a message of accessibility and progressiveness—a departure from the uninspiring and conservative image previously associated with Guernsey Finance.

One of the most significant challenges faced during the branding process was the selection of colors. While Guernsey Green had traditionally symbolized the island, it was met with negativity in certain markets due to cultural associations. Through careful research and consideration of color psychology, a new color palette was developed, tailored to resonate with target markets while avoiding any negative connotations and clearly define the five main pillars of industry to enhance user journeys.

The brand's visual identity, including its logo and accompanying graphics, underwent a complete overhaul to reflect the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of Guernsey's finance industry. This transformation extended beyond mere aesthetics, influencing everything from marketing materials to event designs and even interior decor.

Under my leadership as the Head of Creative, the agency embarked on a journey of continuous improvement and expansion. Events were transformed from generic affairs into immersive experiences, complete with custom-made sets, unique merchandise, and eco-friendly practices. Digital developments, including a revamped website and enhanced online presence, further enhanced the brand's visibility and accessibility.


This vision was brought to life in our new logo icon, where the 'G' for Guernsey was seamlessly integrated into a chain link design, representing connectivity. Each link symbolized one of the five sectors, with colors carefully selected based on target market preferences and mindful consideration of color psychology in various regions.

While Guernsey Green had historical significance, its negative associations in key markets like China (linked to infidelity) and the USA (associated with greed) presented challenges. After conducting thorough research and competitor analysis, we opted for a fresh approach. Our decision to avoid traditional colors like blues or reds was influenced by industry trends, leading us to develop a new color suite comprising pink, purple, blue, grey, and orange.

These colors were meticulously chosen to reflect the unique characteristics of each sector and resonate with their respective markets. This strategic move not only distinguished us from competitors but also ensured our brand remained culturally sensitive and appealing on a global scale.


Upon joining the agency, our off-island events were rather lackluster, characterized by a handful of pull-up banners and a basic presentation. Recognizing the need for a transformation, I took the helm of the Creative Department and spearheaded the development of the marketing team and its junior members. The result? A revitalized approach to event branding that left a lasting impact.

Under my leadership, each event was infused with vibrant branding that resonated with attendees and expanded our reach. From print to digital, every aspect of our marketing campaigns was carefully curated to engage our audience. We upgraded to larger event spaces, adorned with custom-made sets and immersive room decor, including vinyl room wraps, bespoke installations, and unique merchandise.

Moreover, I prioritized sustainability by forging partnerships with eco-friendly printers and suppliers. As an art director, I cultivated relationships with a diverse network of photographers, videographers, and set builders, ensuring top-notch execution for every event.

To streamline event booking and enhance sales, I pioneered the development of digital solutions, including microsites and archives, optimizing our SEO rankings and improving the user journey. Despite budget constraints, I devised a versatile exhibition stand for third-party events, allowing us to easily refresh its appearance by swapping out specific panels. This cost-effective approach ensured our stand remained dynamic and adaptable to various event specifications, with bright end panel designs making us stand out amidst the crowd.


A comprehensive overhaul was imperative for our website. Here, the strategic application of color theory played a pivotal role in guiding users seamlessly to their desired sectors. We revamped key sections such as the newsroom, industry segments, events space, and business directory, bringing clarity to what was previously a chaotic interface.

Leading the charge, I spearheaded the implementation, design, and art direction of the website's development in collaboration with the local agency, TPA. Our objective was to ensure the site remained contemporary and highly functional. Given the diverse range of services we offer, we implemented significant enhancements to streamline the user experience. This included features to promote upcoming events, deliver pertinent news updates, and foster engagement among industry members through comprehensive listings.


The launch of the new website coincided with the rollout of our latest advertising campaign, strategically targeted within industry segments. Guernsey faced a significant challenge with negative perceptions of its finance industry, often dismissed as merely a "brass plaque" jurisdiction. In response, we crafted the 'We Are' campaign, intricately linked to our brand, to showcase Guernsey as a place rich in substance and history.

Our approach focused on highlighting local landmarks and stories that underscored the essence of Guernsey's finance industry. For example, we spotlighted the 'We Are Agile' theme, accompanied by imagery from the Guernsey Hill climb, renowned for its twists and turns. These narratives exemplified the resilience and adaptability ingrained in the island's community, positioning us as genuine people with a vibrant local identity.

Furthermore, I spearheaded initiatives to invest in video campaigns, leveraging animation and film to convey our message effectively. One standout project was the development of a video designed for continuous display at our exhibition stand, serving as an evergreen tool for engagement. Collaborating closely with Locate Guernsey, we crafted storyboards for the 'A Day in the Life' video campaign, depicting the intertwined journey of a Guernsey professional and a London-based counterpart establishing a new business. This narrative not only emphasized the industry's close-knit connections but also reinforced the substance and credibility of Guernsey's business landscape.

The video garnered significant attention, amassing over 60,000 impressions within the first two weeks of its release and continuing to be a focal point both online and at events until 2022. My tenure at the agency yielded valuable insights into effective media engagement strategies, bolstered by a comprehensive repository of resources amassed throughout various campaigns and initiatives.


Revamping the brand necessitated a complete overhaul of our literature suite. With a myriad of services spanning multiple jurisdictions, the existing materials were cluttered and lacked coherence. To address this, I devised a streamlined suite comprising three sizes, each tailored to deliver messaging with clarity and impact at events.

At the core of this suite was the key strengths brochure, providing comprehensive information consistently positioned at the back. Above it, a shorter services brochure rotated to align with specific messaging and sectors, while the smallest size offered jurisdiction comparisons for added versatility. This strategic arrangement ensured maximum impact while maintaining coherence across all printed materials, all of which adhered to FSC approved processes and sustainable print materials.

In addition, I introduced an online brochure system on our website to facilitate digital downloads at events, further enhancing accessibility and reducing environmental footprint. Despite the recent rebrand, these literature suites remain in use, a testament to their enduring functionality and design.

Transforming our literature from a confusing assortment into a dynamic suite, I expanded our offerings to include magazines, reports, flyers, and factsheets in multiple languages. Upon my departure, the suite comprised over 100 resources, providing comprehensive support and information to our stakeholders.


Despite the constraints of limited budgets, the agency invested in strategic advertising campaigns, leveraging storytelling and video content to showcase Guernsey's rich heritage and vibrant community. The result was a brand that resonated with individuals, forging genuine connections and leaving a lasting impression on its audience.

In the end, the success of the WE ARE GUERNSEY brand was not merely measured in terms of market recognition or financial metrics. It was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision to elevate Guernsey's finance industry onto the global stage. Through bold initiatives and unwavering dedication, I helped the agency achieved its goal of creating a brand that not only represented Guernsey but embodied its spirit of resilience, creativity, and community. Through people-based branding, we captured the attention of individuals in a way that competitors with generic corporate branding could not. This approach left a lasting legacy of high standards that resonated not only with our target markets but also beyond, reinforcing our brand's impact and influence.

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