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WE ARE GUERNSEY is the promotional agency for the Guernsey Finance Industry. The agency, run by Guernsey Finance, approached me to join their ranks in 2016 in order to develop the brand and make it stand out against it's international competitors.

I ran working groups and workshops with leading members of industry to develop and name the new WE ARE GUERNSEY brand. The initial brief was to develop an umbrella brand which could eventually incorporate other representative bodies of the Guernsey promotional services. As a brand which would be representing five main pillars of industry, I developed a brand which would clearly separate the different services to help user journeys utilizing appropriate colour theory which would be attractive to the agency's target markets.

In the workshops with industry we identified the Island of Guernsey's key USP's, the prevalent factor being the connectivity between the members of Guernsey industry, our links with the UK and Europe and our approachability. Amongst many options the WE ARE GUERNSEY name was chosen and brand developed around the 'WE ARE CONNECTED' concept. This was reflected in the new logo icon made up of the 'G' for Guernsey in the logo typeface set together as a chain link with representative colours of each sector utilized.

This was a mammoth project which necessitated a complete overhaul of the Guernsey Finance literature suits, multilingual websites, marketing materials, digital assets, infographic suites, event designs, advertising, videos, photography, merchandise, signage and even interior design.

Over the seven years I worked as the Head of Creative, I introduced and managed a team of designers, art directed new campaigns, developed new associated brands, and helped the growth of the events and marketing departments and activities and ensured the development of the overall brand. I spearheaded the introduction of animations, videography, photographic partnerships, website development, set designs, bespoke builds, community projects, digital tools and systems such as project management, video platforms, audience interaction software, email marketing platforms and much more.

I handled the budgets for both the marketing and creative departments and was a key player in expanding the agency's resource. This resulted in the creative department being separated as it's own entity to recognize the growth of the agency and the departments achievements where previously the creative department had come under the Marketing Department.

I created a strong brand which helped the Island become more recognizable internationally and creatied a brand which was aimed at selling to people, rather than companies, which made the brand much more approachable and the campaigns around it more relatable for our audience. By utilising people based branding we were able to capture the attention of the individual where many of the competitors were using generic and repetitive corporate branding.

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