Danie and Andy
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Danie and Andy

Danie and Andy embarked on a quest for a truly captivating and modern invitation suite, characterized by minimalist elegance and adorned with bespoke illustrations that would set their wedding apart. Collaborating closely with the couple, we embarked on a journey to craft a contemporary masterpiece, enhanced by the luxurious touch of pink foiled finishing.

Our creative journey led us to the inspired choice of a concertina folded invitation, a versatile canvas that would enchant both their day and evening guests. Embracing their signature pink and navy color scheme, we orchestrated a design symphony that seamlessly harmonized with their wedding's vibrant palette.

But the magic didn't stop there. To complement the modern aesthetic, I undertook the challenge of crafting custom illustrations, carefully curated to mirror the distinct style of the chosen typeface. These intricate illustrations were the pièce de résistance, infusing the suite with a unique personality and visual intrigue.

As we delved into the details, we encountered the delightful challenge of matching the foiling to the intricate elements of our design. It was a meticulous endeavor, but the result was nothing short of spectacular. The final suite, with its resplendent blend of modernity and artistry, not only met but exceeded all expectations, igniting a buzz of excitement and admiration on social media.

Danie and Andy's invitation suite became a true work of art, a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the pursuit of modern elegance that leaves a lasting impression.


Day Invitations – Pink foiled, concertina folded invitations with navy blue envelopes and pink pearl seal

Evening Invitations – Pink foiled, concertina folded invitations with navy blue envelopes and pink pearl seal

Custom Wax Seal - Brass seal with pink pearl wax

Envelope Inserts – Digital printed on uncoated stock

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