Dominique and Daniel
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Dominique and Daniel

This set couldn’t be complete without my very own wedding. I used my wedding as not only as a way to celebrate my union to my husband but also as an opportunity to show the possibilities on how far you can take a wedding brand. It contained everything from branding, print work, acrylic design and cutting to pyrography and potion bottle making.

My theme for the day was a journey through the world of Dom and Dan, each table represented something we enjoyed together like travelling and then named for an inspiration of that hobby as if it were a place such as 'Tatooine' for the Star Wars table or 'Rockville' for our music table. The table plan was wood burnt to look like the Marauders Map from Harry Potter with removable magnetic names in case of drop outs or changes. Each table had four illustrations to represent the theme, cut out in rose gold acrylics and hung from each tables candelabra with the intention to become Christmas decorations after the wedding.

Our orders or service were designed like theatre programmes to match our musical backgrounds and the invitations designed like an invitation to a grand ball in the baroque era with tickets to the show inside. Throughout all the designs was a baroque theme to match our style as a couple which fed into everything from personalized handmade signage for the room to jewellery for the bridesmaids.

There were a lot of elements to this wedding and offers a real showcase as to how your stationery can run through your wedding day to create a unique aesthetic.


Save the dates – A5 Blue foiled speciality stock with custom wax seal and custom gold acrylic magnets

Invitations – CMYK custom folded envelope with white ink speciality paper, perforated ticket style inserts

Table plan – Woodburnt A0 mdf, treated and framed with removable woodburnt feet counters and printed name banners

Wooden signage – Handing and self standing, treated and finished with acrylic print

Bridesguard gift boxes – Finished with acrylic print

Acrylic decorations – Hanging decorations laser cut for table centres, top table backdrop and table plan

Bridesguard necklace charms – Wedding logo finished on rose gold chains

Guest book – Box and album design from engagement shoot photos

Colouring book – A5 book for children’s room created with illustrations from the main invite

Potion bottles – Designed for signing table with unique labels with family names integrated into designs.

Framed signage – A4 designs in mixed media of CMYK print and acrylic print to give direction

Bridesguard headband gift – Customized printed headbands for bridal party

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The invite:

I designed the invites to have 4 illustrations to represent each table from something we loved. These were designed in a baroque styled invitation letter with tickets to ‘The Greatest Show’ inside which represented our love of going to shows and gigs. Our invitation letter contained play on words from our favourite things like watch us exchange ‘one ring to rule’ our hearts forever (lord of the rings) and ‘we solemnly swear we are up to’ loving each other forever (Harry Potter).

The tables:

We named our tables accordingly to sound like a country in the land of Dom and Dan – they all related to the four illustrations for each table that were featured in the invitation - for instance the travel table was 'The Magic Kingdom' and the gaming table was called ‘Hyrule’. I made the illustrations into acrylic decorations to hang from the candelabras on the table centers with a view to use them again on a Christmas tree after the wedding.

The table plan:

The table plan was wood burnt on recycled wood by myself. I made magnetic feet counters to hold the names which could easily be removed for drop outs. I designed the plan to represent the room layout in the style of an old map inspired by a combination of lord of the rings and the marauders map.

The taverns:

We wanted places round the room to feel like places you would stop on your journey through our land, so we themed the bars as taverns from our favourite books. We even made a crown and anchor gambling table for one of the taverns with gold painted rocks as nuggets of gold to gamble with, and a trophy at the end of the night for the winner.

The book signing table:

The signing table was styled as if it were an apothecary. I made magic colour changing potion bottles made from bottles dug up from our island. I hand illustrated vintage looking labels that featured everyone in our immediate family's names to make the table fully immersive.


I gathered mini jam jars, painted the tops and hand illustrated 140 drink me, eat me and display me labels each to go on the wedding favours, one of each type to guarantee there was something everyone would like. Children instead got a colouring book including the illustrations from the wedding invite.

Orders of service:

Our order of service I designed like a programme for a west end show, the wedding party all had photos and bios and so did the performers. Different elements of the ceremony such as the entrance of the bride were laid out like adverts for other shows saying ‘coming soon’!

Table names:

Our table names I designed to be like mini storybooks which included all the details of your table, illustrations, and other wedding thanks in, most people took these home! I did this so people knew what table they were on and why it was important to us in our life together. I have been to many other weddings where I never know what my table name means so I wanted to make sure my guests knew.


I crafted signage to go round the room to direct people to the right places including a sign for the gift sleigh (because who doesn't need a reindeer and sleigh to get round our world!). Signs to sign the book, shake the potion bottles, how to play crown and anchor and signs to the kids room.


I designed our wedding logo from our initials into a heart shape which I got made into a feature to go behind the top table and features in everything from the save the dates to wedding necklaces and decorations which I gifted to our wedding party in their own bespoke boxes made to match the wedding branding.

What We Did
Save the dates Invitations Placename booklets Acrylic tablenames Acrylic room decor Thank you cards Lasercut table names Acrylic jewellery Acrylic decorations Gift boxes Colouring Books Potion bottles Woodburnt Tableplan Order of Service Wax seal Engagement Book Wooden signage Favour labels