Laura and Jordan
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Laura and Jordan

A Personalized Touch: Crafting Laura and Jordan's Wedding Suite Inspired by Online Invitations


I am excited to share the wonderful journey I had with Laura and Jordan, the fortunate winners of my wedding competition in 2023. Although they had initially purchased their invitations online, they were eager to elevate their wedding stationery with a more personal touch. Drawing inspiration from their existing online invitations, we worked together to create a cohesive and personalized wedding suite that truly captured their vision.

Inspiration from Online Invitations:

Laura and Jordan had taken the first steps in their wedding preparations by purchasing their invitations online. Taking inspiration from the existing watercolour floral theme and typeface styles to create a consistent flow from the original invites, I expanded upon these elements and infused their wedding suite with a unique charm which was much more bespoke to their vision.

Infusing Vibrancy and Bouquet Influence:

Responding to the couple's wishes, I incorporated additional vibrant florals inspired by their original invitations, including specific flowers and colors from the bride's bouquet. Laura specifically expressed her fondness for carnations and a single bird of paradise, allowing these details to add a distinctive and personal touch to the suite.

Watercolour Elegance:

Staying true to the watercolour style of their original invitations, I brought the main flowers to life with delicate strokes, ensuring a seamless transition from the online templates to a more personalized representation. To enhance the whimsical feel, falling floral details gracefully cascaded from the main titles.

The Thrill of Personalization:

Laura and Jordan were thrilled with the final designs, expressing their joy at how the wedding suite now reflected their unique love story. It was a delightful experience to take inspiration from their initial online purchase and create a suite that not only complemented but enhanced the beauty of their wedding day.


Crafting Laura and Jordan's personalized wedding suite was a collaborative process that celebrated their love and vision. The final result was a testament to the couple's journey, filled with creativity, personalization, and a touch of magic. Here's to Laura and Jordan—may your wedding day be as beautiful as the memories you create together!

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