Pick a seat signage
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Pick a seat signage


The pallet signs are made using completely reclaimed pallets and are cut up and remade into a new rustic style sign.

Like the hanging signs these can be either hand painted or use vinyls to create the final design and can also be customized or follow a templated design from a pre-existing sign design. For example one bride had a dairy theme throughout her wedding so we added little milk bottles and cows throughout the designs to link it back to her theme.

I use water based wood stain and varnish to align with the eco-values of the business.

£20 per slat (inc custom build, staining and varnish)
Available in a variety of colours in matt or metallic finishes.

DIY your own sign with vinyl supplied by us, ready to stick onto a material of your choice at £7.50 per line (per 30 cm) 

Contact us to find out what we can do for your wedding here.

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